Ms Tietze experienced the different states of development.

She has been first a client of Engelbert Winkler and later a companion. She was the first to experience the device when it was an „espresso machine“-prototype and later Lucia N°03. Interestingly enough the light had a deep impact on her skill of writing beautiful poems. Thus she feels deeply in touch with Lucia N°03 lightexperiences.

On September 20th 2016 Light Attendants celebrated the autumn equinox on different places of this earth.
Engelbert Winkler composed a special session "Avalon" based on the Schuman frequencies.

Participating people who had a lightexperience told them three terms of spontaneous feeling. We collected them, found nine key terms and gave them to Ms Tietze. What did Ms Tietze do? She created a wonderful poem.

Thus she feels deeply in touch with Lucia N°03 light experiences.

Read more about Ms Tietze´s poem for Christmas 2016

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