and extremely fast access to meditation with Lucia N°03      

Experiment of a medical student, who experienced Lucia N°03 for the first time at the World Congress of Holistic Medicine in Munich in May 2015. The 24-year-old completed an intensive learning phase of a few weeks and used the Hypnagogic Light Experience with Lucia N°03 in Innsbruck during this time. .

Read for yourself how he felt:

"... Furthermore, the hypnagogic light experience permanently impacts my ability to put myself into a deep trance or silence my thoughts. These procedures, which previously took up some time, now perform promptly and smooth. Also, considerable self-understandings and insights accumulated during the sessions. ...

... Just like every human being is unique, so will be the experiences with/through the hypnagogic light experience. It is best to approach the self-awareness with the help of this lamp, unbiased and devoid of expectations to obtain your own impression, which lays beyond the ascertain-ability of words."

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