As soon as you put your Lucia N°03 Home Portal into operation, please always observe the safety regulations.
Read this carefully. This will avoid errors that could lead to a (functional) fault.
Also please note our special instructions and application rules in the latest manual also available as download in the "downlaod sector".

Please read the complete safety instructions.

Print the latest user guide for your Lucia N°03 Home Portal (available in the Download section).
Read it carefully and advice others who have access to Lucia N°03 Home Portal, especially the ones that accompany you on your light trips.

You need to know about the safe handling of Lucia N°03 Home Portal:

• Lucia N°03 Home Portal shall not be operated by persons (includes children) that are not aware of how to use the lamp correctly.
• Excluded from the usage are: children, pregnant women, stroboscope incompatibility, humans with certain mental disorders (psychosis etc.) or other medical problems (seizure disorders, epilepsy etc.)
• The manufacturer takes no liability for damage or injuries, resulting from inappropriate usage.
• Improperly handling, misuse, disregarding the safety regulation, use of violence or intrusion, from other persons not authorized by light attendance gmbh, there will be no guarantee warrant or liability.
• Children, unauthorized persons and person with physical and mental disabilities should be denied access to this device, to rule out any misusage.
• When passing the Lucia N°03 Home Portal on to another owner the manufacture shall be notificated.


• Please consider the technical data and the power connection (voltage), before using.
• Never look into the light with open eyes!
• If the device is defect, don’t try to repair it on your own. Turn of the device, pull the mains plug and contact the technical support.
• No liquid should touch the lamp head or the mains adapter.
• Make sure that no foreign object or dirt particle reaches the louvers. This could harm the lamp.
• Never touch the lamp with wet hand or wet feet.
• Disconnect the device from the power grid and let it cool off, before you remove and store it in your storage case, before you change the bulbs or before you decide to clean the device.

Risk of burning!
The devise head can get hot while in use and may not be touched at any time. Particularly the halogen lamp can get hot in the middle. Neglecting can cause serious burning!

Security distance
Is Lucia N°03 Home Portal in use, there should be a security distance from 40 centimeters
(15,7 inch) between the user / or item and the lamp head.

Please note
Pull the vertical bracket until maximum height.

Technical Instructions
• Only use the lamp type OSRAM 44892 WFL (12 V, 35 W, GU 4, 35 mm) in this device.
• Steam, dripping water, condensed water and other liquids shall not reach the lamp head. This could lead to damage the electronic.
• Lucia N°03 Home Portal may not be used in the packing.
• The lamp head must not be opened or technically changed.
• By any damage Lucia N°03 Home Portal should be disconnected from the power grid immediately.

Electrical Shock Hazard!
Default in complying with directions can lead to injuries, electric shock and life-threatening conditions. Therefor the device runs with electricity, electric shocks cannot be ruled out. Please note the following security hints:

• Only parts from the manufacture may be used in the device.
• Lucia N°03 Home Portal may only be used with the provided ballast unit.
• Lucia N°03 Home Portal may not be use with a defect or damaged cord (Electrical Shock Hazard!)
• Only cords from the manufacture are allowed to be used.
• To avoid overheating Lucia N°03 Home Portal may not be covered while in use at any time.
• Lucia N°03 Home Portal may only be used in living and working areas (not in wet rooms or outside areas) and only for intended purpose.

Assigned Purpose
This device serves the purpose of hypnagogic light experience and may only be in use by following the security advices. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage or harm that is aused by misappropriate use.

The security advices can be found in the manual or online in the menu „Lucia N°03 / Home Portal“ under „PIN-Manager“. They are always updated and available as download. Print the security advice, read it carefully and advice others who have access to Lucia N°03 Home Portal, especially the ones that accompany you on your light trips.

Who can use this meditationlamp?
• Individuals that have reached 18 years of age.
• Individuals that are not excluded. Please note therefor „reasons for exclusions“.
• Individuals who have a good common physical and mental condition.


What is Lucia N 03 Home Portal?
• The device is a meditation lamp.
• The device is not approved as medical equipment
• The device is intended for use by persons.
• The device is designed for individual use.
• The device serves induction purpose of hypnagogic light experience. This is a state of consciousness between being asleep and being awake. Through light impulse you reach a changed perception of consciousness, similar like during meditation.

Changed perception of consciousness
The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 Home Portal gives you the opportunity through light impulse to reach a stage of changed perception of consciousness quickly. Human beings have always used this stage of changed perception to a „Journey to ones inner self“, relaxation, perceive unexpected beauty or to activate self-healing powers.

The risk contains that the human being can dive in a deep trance and – similar like being in a dream – react different than usual or respond differently to people. Please explain this to people present at the time while using this device.

When someone uses this device for the first time, the short demo sessions „demo easy“ (2 minutes), „demo medium“ (3 minutes) or „demo strong“ (5 minutes) should be run. Please observe the user always (at any moment!), so in case the user feels discomfort you can stop the session at any time (remote function!)
Never leave a person unattended while the session is running.


Before purchasing this product the risks have been pointed out to you through our product page and offer. Please read carefully each step and keep it in mind while using our product.
Also please note our special instructions and application rules in the manual also available as download

Individuals under 18 years of age
Please make sure, that a person under the age of 18 does not use this device. Reason: The brain of miners and juveniles are in different stages of development. In some stages of development the brain is in greater readiness to release an epileptic seizure.

Pregnant women
Pregnant women are excluded from the usage, because there is no statement how this would affect an unborn child.

Individuals with stroboscope incompatibility
Please make sure that if you or another person suffers from stroboscope incompatibility, or tend to have epilepsy, they do not use this device. The single sessions (light sequences) is
programmed, that an intense flickering light is caused, which can result to an epileptic seizure.

Persons with mental illness
Be sure that the application is not used of persons with mental illness like psychoses, anxiety disorders. The impact could be reinforced and could lead to uncontrolled reaction. Clarify the application of the device with your doctor before using.

Consumption of alcohol, drugs and medication
Being in a state of consciousness based on consuming alcohol or drugs, do not use this device. The impact could be reinforced and could lead to uncontrolled reaction. If you take
medication, please consult your doctor bevor using this device.

Sleep deprivation
If you suffer from sleep deprivation, you are in a different stage of consciousness than usual. Do not use this device in that case.

Only use this device, if you are in a good physical and mental condition. If you let a third party use this device, then make sure she /he is using it by her/ his own choice. Never force the usage on anybody. Give the user all necessary information for possible risks. Make sure, the person has no reasons of exclusions. Make the person sign a waiver before starting the session.

First time epileptic seizure
If you never had experienced an epileptic seizure, it could be a first time experience unexpectedly.
The possibility of a sudden seizure is very rare, but cannot be ruled out. Basically an epileptic seizure can happen daily under different circumstances. Consult your doctor about further information. The usage of the flicker light increases the risk of a first time epileptic seizure.

Use this device only if there is person around that could provide assistance and help if needed.
Make sure this person does not have any reasons of exclusions and was informed about any risks using this device.
Instruct this person what to do in a case of an emergency (see also Emergency procedure).

In rare cases there is a possibility, that in deep state of trance caused of pulsed light, unexpected convulsions can be induced. Convulsions are cramps, shown as shaking and twitchy movements particularly of the limbs or the whole body. Cramps can be slight or severe. It could be that a person in this stage is not responsive.

In rare cases there is a possibility for flashbacks especially in connection with pulsed light in deep state of trance. Get further information from you doctor. A flashback is a psychological phenomenon. This is a matter of re-experiencing and flashback caused by a key stimulus. The affected person has then a sudden and powerful re-experience of a past experience or a former emotional condition.


Storage case with a combination lock
Make sure that nobody who is not eligible to use the device (specific children and excluded persons) is able to bring the device into service. We recommend to keep the device in the safety case and to use the combination lock. The instructions for the lock are in the case.

Security Code – 4-digit pin
The 4-digit pin serves the purpose, to make sure that a person who uses the device knows about the instructions and handling, so the risk of misuse can be minimized.
Also the buyer/user is instructed to make sure, that unauthorized persons have no access to put the device in service. If an authorized person passes the code on then it is her / his responsibility to inform anyone who uses this device about the the safe operation.

Assisting person nearby
We recommend strongly, not using this device on your own, so you have help close in case of any incident.
Ask a person to accompany you through your light experience. Make sure that this person is informed about the using and the risks. Instruct this person what to do in case of an incident (see Emergency procedure).
This person should volunteer and never be forced.

Emergency plan
Take time to advice a person what to do in case of an incident.

Shock Detector
In case of an impact towards the device, it will turn off abruptly. It can happen that the device turns over if it was not set up properly. Or if somebody lashes out, in cause of an epileptic seizure or by convulsions.

Stop function of the remote (mouse)

By tapping the left remote (mouse) button consecutively you can stop the device immediately.
Before usage make sure that the remote is activated. Hold the remote in your hand and or keep it close to you. Press the left button to deactivate the device.

Disconnect Power Adapter
A user should always use the device in company of another person, who can turn the device off and help in case of an incident. If you do not want to use the shock detector or the remotestop-function, you can remove the power adapter from the electricity source. Without electricity the device cannot be used. The electric cord is well visible. Disconnecting the power is a step which is easy and fast and can be done by any person.

What can a companion do, if a person that is on a light journey (= the person who is using the device) has an emergency (like an epileptic seizure etc.)?

• Disconnect the device immediately (see above – safety features).
• If the person being on the light journey has a cramp – protect her / him from self-inflicted injuries: remove any objects that can cause them.
• Support the convulsing person, so she / he cannot fall from a chair.
• We advise stable side position, in case there is a sign of foam at the mouth so the person does not choke.
• Call help – keep the emergency numbers ready at hand and know how to operate the local phone.

Generally we advise to have first-aid training.

Report incidents
If you or any other person has an incident, you are obligated to send a message
to the manufacturer as soon as possible: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
A form is provided in the download section.

Why should you inform the manufacturer?
The manufacturer creates a statistic, which will be analyzed. References about the course of events or circumstances can help to improve the product.

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