HLE Psychonautic NeuroArt

Art offers a way to immerse yourself in the freedom of the mind.

Art life in the context of HLE gives the viewer an experience that is entirely generated by himself.
The Lucia N°03 technology makes it possible to create art every moment anew and to enjoy it at the same time.

The viewer is the artist - creation and perception unite.

Without borders the traveler enters as an artist the imaginary of his dreams.
The "Traveler Unlimited Road Show" opens a portal wherever it is desired.


Munich University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Ralph Buchner  
Faculty of Design  Reise durch Symbole - „Journey Through Symbols“

Research at the University of Munich
Faculty of Design
Winter Semester 2012/2013Project
leader Prof. Ralph Buchner "Creativity through psychedelic light journeys"

Into the light Ralph Buchner Munich 2013

SiddhiArt : Artistic implementation of the hypnagogic light experience (2013)
   Part 1 SiddhiArt 2013
   Part 2 SiddhiArt 2013
   Part 3 SiddhiArt 2013


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