Engelbert J. Winkler & Dirk W. Proeckl:


Neuropsycholysis is a natural process which can be experienced and observed on the physical and psychological levels and promotes sustainable self-exploration through altered states of consciousness. ...

... In our joint work with light we developed  an entry point to the applicable principles which underly any effective therapy and which can therefore be combined with various approaches and yet far exceed the definition of a therapy.

While the focus here is light stimulation, what is more essential is the exploration of the “inner” worlds through the adventurous spirit of individual light journeyers. ...

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- Engelbert Winkler


light attendants gmbh, Innsbruck wishes to thank the patent holders and developers of the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp for the gracious use of the concept of “Neuropsycholysis”. May it be helpful in therapeutic practice for those interested and in particular the light attendants. May it provide benefits for the light journeyers.

Edition: May 2019



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