The Lucia N°03 Practitioner System and Lucia N°03 Home Portal are meditation lamps.
The terms listed below will help you understand the philosophy and the reasons behind their creation.

We recommend that anyone interested in learning more about the Hypnagogic Light Experience and the Lucia N°03 meditation lamps to visit one of our Light Attendants or distributors located around the world. They will assist you in setting up a trial session because only self-awareness can awaken a true understanding of the Lucia N°03.

Purpose of the lamps

The Lucia N°03 meditation lamp uses pulsating and constant light of different colors in combination with patented algorithms to quickly induce you into a deep meditative state. In this state of mind one can experience a deep sense of relaxation. These Hypnagogic Light Experiences offer an extraordinary sense of self-awareness which often lead to heighten periods of creativity and inspiration.


The Lucia N°03 meditation lamp is not a medical device. Therefore, the Lucia N°03 is not intended for the following purposes: Diagnosing, treating, mitigating or preventing a disease, disorder or abnormal physical state, or any of their symptoms, in human beings or animals, restoring, modifying or correcting the body structure of human beings or animals or the functioning of any part of the bodies of human beings or animals. safety instructions

Effects on the brain

The brain changes its electrical and biochemical activity when interacting with light.

The pineal gland (Glandula pinealis), located deep within the center of the brain, secrets awareness-activating hormones when stimulated by the pulsating rhythmic lights of the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp.

It has been proven that, besides Melatonin, which influences our day/night rhythm, DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is also found in this small, conical organ. DMT is an effective psychedelic neurotransmitter which is associated with sleep, meditative situations, and even near-death experiences.

It has been scientifically proven that the pineal gland possesses photo sensory transmitters, therefore it is often referred to as the “third-eye” in many cultures and religions. Rene Descartes even called it “the seat of the soul”; Dr. Rick Strassman described it as “a portal to consciousness”.

The Lucia N°03’s patented, pulsating light algorithms can initiate electrical activities in the brain which lead to a reorientation in the functional network of neurons.

The “Bidirectional Neurofeedback Method” displays the brain activity in the light traveler so he/she can learn to influence it.

This measurable synchronization of brainwaves gives access to creative, healthful and even spiritual experiences.


The interpretation of a Hypnagogic Light Experience can also be seen as a piece of art. 

NeuroArt is a completely new way of looking at art, as every Hypnagogic Light Experience is unique and can never be recreated. It can be perceived as a work of art made up of floods of color, mandalas and structures, which the brain always creates anew. Current academic studies show that this is an internal contribution of the brain and thus a real process of creation. Light Travelers are at the same time artists, artwork and recipients. An experience where perception and creation seamlessly merged together. more

Hypnagogic Light Experience

A term was first defined and used by Dr. Engelbert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proeckl to describe the process of using the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp to reach a hypnagogic state of mind.  The hypnagogic state of consciousness is defined as the transition between wakefulness and sleep. Lucia N°03 induces this state of mind so that one can access altered states of consciousness quickly, legally and without psychedelic or narcotic substances. The resulting hypnagogic state is comparable to that of deep meditation.

Lingering in this carefree and beauty of eternal NOW, people experience visual, audio, or other types of hallucinations.  Some of the most revolutionary minds like Thomas Edison and Edgar Allan Poe tried to reach this Hypnagogic state of consciousness to stimulate creativity.

Light Traveler

The person using the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp to enjoy a Hypnagogic Light Experience.

Light Attendant

A person educated and trained in how to properly use a Lucia N°03 meditation lamp and oversee people partaking in a Hypnagogic Light Experience. They are also familiar with all the safety regulations and can provide first aid or get help in case of an unexpected incident.


A session is a period of time that a Light Traveler is experiencing the stroboscopic effects of a Lucia N°03 meditation lamp. Light Attendants can create their own sessions within the Lucia N°03 editing software or Light Travelers can choose from one of the 152 ready to use sessions that are included with the purchase of a meditation lamp.


One goal of a psychonaut is to explore your own psyche and subconscious. You help yourself with mind-expanding techniques such as meditation, yoga, singing, drumming, dances or psychoactive substances. With the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp you can quickly achieve altered states of consciousness, but without psychoactive substances.

One example of history of the last century: Already Kurt Beringer was busy with drugs and mind-expanding in the 1920s; Werner Pieper described him as a pioneer of psychonautics. Famous psychonauts were for example: Terence McKenna, Albert Hofmann, B. Aldous Huxley or Timothy Leary.


(by Engelbert J. Winkler & Dirk W. Proeckl)A natural process which can be experienced and observed on the physical and psychological level and promotes sustainable self-exploration through altered states of consciousness. more

Heliotropic Breathing

Heliotropic Breathing is a two phase breathing-technique that is based on deep breathing alternating with phases of holding one’s breath (similar to the Cheyennes-Stokes breathing at near death).Dr. Engelbert Winkler developed this technique as a result of his research into the correlations between light, breathing and consciousness. Heliotropic Breathing offers the possibility of creating self-guided journeys into the underlying structure of one’s own consciousness. more

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