Discover the transformative power of light & consciousness with the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp from light attendance gmbh. Experience fascinating journeys into your inner world. Learn more about our patented technology, our development path and our global impact. Immerse yourself in the world of Hypnagogic Light Experience and find your individual path to balance and well-being.


Everything that light attendance gmbh does and what it stands for can be combined in these two terms. 



There have always been people whose sense of awareness could not be described in words. This sense of enlightenment has always been something sought after and has been transformed into a quest to find balance between our consciousness, our awareness of who we are, and the power of our thoughts and feelings.

Tracks of the enlightenment processes can be traced back to ancient times. The power of light has always been recognized as a conductor, where under special conditions, a “light experience” could lead to profound changes in one’s attitude and thus to a total reorientation of one’s being.


The Lucia N°03 is a stroboscopic light system that triggers brain wave patterns that would usually only appear after years of meditation practice. The patented algorithms administer gentle frequencies of flickering light that pass through the retina to the pineal gland creating a one of a kind visual experience.

This warm glow welcomes you into a safe space releasing, tension and enabling you to penetrate into the depths of your own consciousness. The lush landscapes of vibrant color and geometry float by opening the space for peak experiences to calm and tranquility as well as happiness and bliss.

The Hypnagogic Light Experience created by the Lucia N°03 is often compared to the stimulation created by LSD or other hallucinogenic drugs. Yet without the side effects and being completely legal our meditation lamp allows anyone who is curious and open minded to experience the beautiful and wonderful benefits that light therapy can bring in promoting their own health and wellbeing.


The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 was designed by Dr. Engelbert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proeckl developed which applied for a patent in 2009. Since then, light attendance gmbh, founded in March 2011 and based in Innsbruck (Austria), has been constantly developing the lamp and selling the devices worldwide. You can find more details about the history here - e.g. You can find more details about the history here - e.g. Lucia N°02 - the coffe machine

In the spirit of a continuous process, findings from practice as well as from research and science constantly flow into our work. Our customers support our development work through the feedback and requests they bring to us. We are already represented on six out of seven continents.

In addition, new materials and components as well as technical standards constantly challenge and encourage our engineers. This is how the smaller Lucia N°03 Home Portal lamp was created in 2018 for private use at home. Soon afterwards the Lucia N°03 Explorer was ready. The software is also continually adapted to new standards and requirements. You don't see all of this work, but it is what makes us successful for and with and through our customers and partners.

All of this creates a device that continues to immerse people all over the world in the beauty of the eternal now. Only constant light paired with flickering light creates the unique and special experience of the hypnagogic light experience.

Only Lucia N°03 offers this advantage.

Lucia N°03 was the first on the market in the field of hypnagogic light experience. The light attendance gmbh team has created many terms that you will read on these pages. Terms that are now so well known that they can be considered “technical terms”.

These are terms such as: Session, Hypnagogic Light Experience, Light Machine, “Practitioner System”, “Home Portal”, Light Attendant, Meditation Lamp, Light Streaming, Neuropsycholysis, Heliotropic Breathing, NeuroArt…

Lucia N°03 is, was and will continue to be a pioneer in the development of technology as well as terms and concepts in the field of “Light & Consciousness”.



light attendance gmbh recommends using the Lucia No3 meditation lamp to create your own Hypnagogic Light Experiences as often and for as long as it is enjoyable and has a positive effect. Light attendance gmbh would like to state that the Lucia N°03 mediation lamp is not for everyone and does carry potential risks. Use of this product should be used in conjunction with the safety instructions. Light Attendance sells their meditation lamps and services worldwide at a fair price that is the same for everyone. Our customers pay the respective price once and almost always receive updates, advice and service free of charge, for as long as they own the lamps.

light attendance gmbh not only manufactures in Austria with the best materials, but also meets all the high social standards that employees enjoy (pension insurance, medical care that is mostly free of charge, support in the event of unemployment, at least five weeks of vacation per year, protection against sudden and unjustified job loss, protection of young people and prohibition of child labor and much more).


We at light attendance gmbh do not make any "rules" with regard to possible applications, but leave it up to each individual to go their own way and to find their own interpretation.  We look forward to the future and to being your guide in light experience therapy, deeper meditation and helping you find balance between "Light & Consciousness".

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