Development history

The journey of the Lucia N°03 began with the near-death experience of Dr. Engelbert Winkler at the age of seven. This life changing event altered his life so much that later, as a psychotherapist, he set out to empower his clients with the overwhelmingly, beautiful experience of light by using a single very bright lamp.

Then the neurologist Dr. Dirk Proeckl came along and suggested combining the constant light with a flickering light which prompted the two of them to investigate the neuropsychological contexts of this phenomenon in more detail. They took the fact that when the brain is introduced to certain external light sources it does not recognize a difference between imagination and real events in key functional areas. Eventually they managed to achieve the desired “light experience” by using a combination of certain frequencies of pulsating light.

Lucia N°02, the coffee machine:

It was Margit Winkler-Raith who then found a technician who could turn the ideas of the two developers into a working device. This prototype, armed with four LED light sources and two halogen light sources was called "the coffee machine" because Margit sacrificed her beloved coffee maker to create the case.
From then on, Margit took over the development of the flickering lamp. As a result, she found Jury Loecker, who with his team is still light attendance gmbh’s partner in development and production to this day.

On September 9th, 2009 the first five devices were completed and Dr. Engelbert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proeckl, went on to obtaining the patent for the meditation lamp - Lucia N°03 was born.

This is how the meditation lamp Lucia N°03 was created in the Tyrolean lowlands, in the midst of the Alpine landscape. Not as a production line product, but hand crafted in small-batches in our factory in Kufstein. Where all the components, except for some electronic parts, are manufactured in Tyrol.

In April 2010 the extended team (Dr. Engelbert Winkler, Dr. Dirk Proeckl, Margit Winkler-Raith, Carola Zimmer, Martin Duschek, Mag. Sigrid Pearce) showcased the Lucia N°03 in Geneva at the inventors fair. They went on to receive medals in Nuremberg and were invited to Kuwait.

light attendance gmbh was founded in March of 2011, and ever since has been continuously developing the lamp and selling the devices worldwide from its headquarter in Innsbruck Austria.

Since our inception our team has continued to improve upon our technology by incorporating our findings from our scientific research and practical use into our work. The software that drives our lamps is also constantly being improved and adapted to new standards and requirements. Not only are we creating new algorithms designed to stimulate the Pinal gland in new ways but our practitioner model also allows our customers to custom design their own light therapy routines.

Our client base now spans the globe and supports our development with their feedback as well as requests for new features and enhancements. This is how the smaller Lucia N°03 Home Portal lamp was created in November 2018 as well as the Lucia N°03 Explorer shortly thereafter. Optimized for private at home use this smaller version of the Lucia N°03 enables you to administer your own light therapy routine and to help you find your own path to deeper meditation during times that are convenient to you. Additionally the "Stream Function" which allows one Lucia N°03 Practitioner System to synchronize with multiple Lucia N°03 Home Portals allowing groups of people to simultaneously a Hypnagogic Light Experience premiere at the same time in England.

Lucia N°03 was the first meditation lamp on the market in the field of Hypnagogic Light Experience. The team at light attendance gmbh has created many terms that you can read about on this website. Terms such as: session, Hypnagogic Light Experience, light machine, "Practitioner System", "Home Portal", Light Attendant, meditation lamp, light streaming, neuropsycholysis, heliotropic breathing, NeuroArt, are now so well known that they can be considered “technical terms”.

It has always been the goal of light attendance gmbh to create a device that lets people from all over the world immerse themselves in the beauty of light and the eternal now. The Lucia N°03 patented technology is more than a lamp with flickering lights, it is a gateway to the unique and life changing journeys of the Hypnagogic Light Experience.

Lucia N03 Kaffeemaschine u Mischpult 2009Academy Akademie Lucia N03

Lucia N°02: Coffeemachine with manual control (upper row 1. and 2. pict)
Lucia N°03 Practitioner System: for the professional use (upper row 3. and 4. pict)
Lucia N°03 Home Portal: for singular use and workshops and group experiences (bottom row)
Photos:  and light attendance gmbh

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