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The devices Lucia N°03 Practitioner System and Lucia N°03 Home Portal are declared as meditation lamps.

Use of the device

The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 is used similar to a meditation to quickly get into a meditative state.
This allows you to experience deep relaxation or a feel-good effect, for example, or immerse yourself in creative worlds.
The light journeys are extraordinary processes of experience in your own self, which are experienced individually from person to person.

Art experience - NeuroArt

You can also interpret a journey of light as an art experience:
NeuroArt is a completely new way of looking at art.

The Hypnagogic Light Experience can be perceived as a work of art made of floods of color, mandalas and structures, which the brain always creates anew. Current academic studies show that this is an internal contribution of the brain and thus a real process of creation.

The viewers are at the same time artists, artwork and recipient: perception and creation merge.

Hypnagoge Light Experience

This term was first defined and used by Dr. Engelbert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proeckl:
Lucia N°03 is a computer-controlled lamp system developed in Tyrol (Austria), which works with constant and pulsed light stimuli on the brain and subsequently on the consciousness. The resulting hypnagogic state (between sleep and wakefulness) is comparable to that of deep meditation.

The Experience

Light Attendants (= persons who run a Lucia N°03 meditation lamp) accompanies curious humans, who would like to reach a state of consciousness immediately.

Through the patented and international award winning meditation lamp Lucia N°03 you can reach this stage
rapidtly, legal and without psychedelics.

To linger in carelessness and beauty and the eternal NOW, is the primary goal of the Hypnagogic Light Experience. Which turns into an archetypal art experience.
In the unity of experience and creation viewer become their own artists with constant flowing abstracts.


The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 is not a medical device.

Therefore, the meditation lamp Lucia N°03 is not intended for the following purposes:
Diagnosing, treating, mitigating or preventing a disease, disorder or abnormal physical state, or any of their symptoms, in human beings or animals, restoring, modifying or correcting the body structure of human beings or animals or the functioning of any part of the bodies of human beings or animals.

Important - you should note this before a Hypnagogic Light Experience or before buying

In rare cases, flashbacks can occur after altered states of consciousness. The application of Lucia N°03 is entirely at your own risk. Children and adolescents, pregnant women and persons with a stroboscope incontinence, e.g. due to mental illnesses (psychosis, anxiety disorders, etc.) or medical problems such as tendency to seizure disorders (epilepsy, etc.) are excluded from the application in any case.

The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 may only be performed in the presence of another person who has been informed about the safety regulations and can provide first aid or get help in case of an unexpected incident.


We recommend everyone who is interested to start with a trial, because only self-awareness can awaken the understanding for Lucia N°03. Trials are possible in many places and countries with our Light Attendants and distributors.

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